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B. J. Gerlitz Forensic Consulting Inc.

Consultation and preparation of written opinions relating to the absorption, distribution and elimination of alcohol.

Expert witness in court, inquiries or hearings

Provide consulting services and appear as an expert witness in civil and criminal litigation cases primarily involving alcohol consumption; some examples include host liability, insurance claims, impaired driving and homicides.

Information about laboratory procedures and accreditation

Interpretation of medical files, laboratory and medical examiner reports

Interpretation of the effects and degree of intoxication or impairment by alcohol or drugs

Professional Witness Seminar

B.J. Gerlitz Forensic Consulting Inc.

5327 - 176 St.
Edmonton, AB
T6M 1C5

This one day seminar is valuable for anyone in a profession who is required to provide opinions, interpretations or results of a technical or scientific nature. It is applicable for attendance at civil or criminal court cases, inquiries and for preparation of written communications.

Phone: (780) 444-5832
Fax: (780) 489-6670